My Story

Growing up, I have been living in various cosmopolitan cities such as Singapore, Amsterdam, Dubai, Shanghai, and Berlin. This enabled me to not only observe, but also experience different environments, cultures, perspectives, languages, and arts.

Now, I live in New York and study for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Design at the School of Visual Arts.

Moving around the world with my parents, I would ask for a pencil and freely draw my surroundings on paper. Somedays I drew whatever came into my mind for hours, or I revived the memory of a dream. Art always brings vibrant experiences into my life when I explore endless possibilities in understanding my thoughts and emotions. I found a purpose in what I do, to effectively express and communicate with my audience. Whether it is painting, sketching, taking photos, writing poetry, or playing the guitar, each undertaking creates a unique experience for me.

In 2015, I stepped out of my comfort-zone during a vacation in the German countryside, when boredom overwhelmed me. I began taking photos with a phone and opened an Instagram account. After returning to Shanghai, photos of bees, flowers and plants seemed to lose context in such a vast city. I looked at familiar faces of the city with a new perspective. Exploring Shanghai above and beyond the urban jungle unveiled a new path for me.

I have been reached out by various multinational companies including Daniel Wellington, Apple, GQ Magazine, as well as one of the most prominent record labels, Atlantic Records, to create audio-visual content.

I have also developed various skills by working independently and collaboratively as an intern at an Art Consultancy. Two of my designs were recognized and used as part of an art package for a renowned International Hotel.

Today, over 26,000 people follow me on Instagram. Never the less, my passion initiated an urge to commit even more, with a purpose to express, not only to impress.